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"I just want to be confident that I know how the process works before I jump in."

Prepare. - Our pre-approval program

We hear this all the time. You want to know that what you're about to do before you make the biggest purchase of your life! We don't blame ya! 

Too often, loan officers and realtors are eager to get in touch with you and they want to go a million miles an hour and shove their services down your throat. We think different. We know that you just want to trust someone to help you, and make sure that things move at your own pace. 

It starts with a consultation where we find out YOUR goals. Then we start to identify all of the pieces of the puzzle we're about to help you put together. We combine our expert knowledge of real estate and lending with your unique situation. This could be anything! Maybe you're still 6-12 months away! That's ok. We have to start somewhere and we will help you through the whole process from helping with your credit to helping you save, to timing the market.

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