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"If you don't know what it takes to buy a home, how can you expect to do it?"

Plan.  - Our education program

It starts with a dream. Do you have the courage to believe you can buy your first home? We created a social group to help educate those who would like some answers on what it takes to enter the real estate market, either as a first time home-owner, an investor, or a professional.

Most of us weren't taught in school some of the most fundamental and important aspects of owning real estate. We also often wonder what it takes to get qualified for a mortgage, what options are out there, and generally some dos and don'ts when it comes to real estate.

Our educational program focuses on you. You've been using new technology out there to learn a lot, but let's supplement what you've learned with real live examples, new and relevant information taking form, and apply it to your goals.

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Regular Workshops

Sign up for our newsletter and attend our regular Home Buying Workshops to learn, network, and socialize with others while enjoying some nice refreshments.